Our basic plant can be part of a modular plant or a simple work station.

Usually the basic plant is composed by an automatic machine, stand-alone unit production, and the main equipment used for the transport of the pallet outside the machine and the their return into the production area.

We can offer various configurations of basic installations, depending on the final products manufactured and the production area that can be used.


This automatic installation allows the production, the handling, and the palletizing of products made means a standalone automatic machine.

Handling of the products is made by our automatic crane MGZ which, thanks to its control system, allows a suitable movement of pallets with fresh products from the production area up to the warehouse. Pallets can be stocked in the curing area in one layer or more.

The crane continues its working cycle taking from the curing area one or two pallets per time with dry products to bring them to the palletizing area and return line. A special clamp collets the products and palletizes the concrete product and the empty pallets return under a stacker which makes the pile of empty pallets.

All the installation is equipped with the right safety system, according to the current standard.


Socomet designs and manufactures full automatic modular plants, which allow the production, the handling and the palletizing of concrete products.

A modular plant can be realized and installed in different phases without compromising the production capacity and without modify the main installation.

In addition to the good quality of the product, this kind of installation gives other benefits such as:

  • the production unit can be fed directly by the mixer

  • big reduction of working and stocking area

  • increase of production

  • reduction of the manpower

  • safety and quality of the job.

Many other details can be required to our commercial and technical offices.