SOCOMET realizes everything that deal to do with steel: from the heavier constructions to the most refined ones. We give to the customers the opportunity to meet all their needs with a service that covers 360 degrees their demands.

Industrial and commercial buildings
We produce steel structures for civil, commercial and industrial use such as steel sheds, multipurpose structures or steel lofts.

Canopies and roofing
Our accomplishments include steel canopies and steel shelters. From shells for private homes to the glass or polycarbonate canopies for commercial or industrial use.

Stairs and parapets
We manufacture all types of stair: both safety and architectural ones. They are complete with steel railings or parapets of various kinds and materials, from glass to wood.

Bridges and gateways
We can build gateways and cycle bridges realized with any type of steel, in different forms and dimensions.

Special steel works
We make real every customer need. From the architectural building to the mechanical construction.