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In this section you can stay updated on the latest SOCOMET news, concerning the company activity or its products such as the most recent workings introduced, the new projects carried out, the latest collaborations undertaken.


Socomet will soon have a new look:  work has begun on refurbishing the external square and moving the entrance gate for vehicles and cars.The intervention will continue with the asphalting of the external square and the preparation of a new green area.

Soon we will be able to receive our customers and visitors with a new look, in line with the quality of the products and services offered.

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On December 20, 2018Socometcompleted the three-year training program provided for by the CCNL with a calendar of courses to be held by external lecturers and consultants in early 2019

The training involves the deepening of knowledge for a better use of management software, the organization of production and corporate affiliation as well as practical subjects such as reading and interpretation of technical design and welding.

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Socomet has reorganized its structure into two divisions: “Industry” which deals with “carpentry for industry” and is characterized by technical competence, punctuality and service and “Architecture” whose purpose is to put itself at the service of professional figures, architects and engineers, for the realization of projects involving the use of materials such as carbon steel, stainless steel, glass, wood, etc.

As a result, thebrochureswere updatedand a new website was created, in which some of our main projects are displayed, divided between “Industry” and “Architecture”.

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With the 2018 Summer Party the company wanted to organize an extraordinary event to thank the SOCOMET team that day after day allows for new results.
“IN IN NAVE DAL SILE ALLA LAGUNA” was the title of the annual party attended by SOCOMET collaborators with families and some consultants, customers and suppliers.
It was an unforgettable day that made people enjoy the sun, the sea, nature, history, art and culture with the descent along the Sile river, the entrance to the Venice lagoon and the visit of the islands of Burano, S. Lazzaro degli Armeni and S. Francesco del Deserto.
There was no lack of conviviality on board and it was an opportunity to organize a charity lottery in favor of the “La Tribù” association.

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It was February 15, 1977 when some technicians were at the bar and decided to found SOCOMET spa!

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An article has been published in the UNIDEA magazine of Unindustria where it describes the training done by SOCOMET to enhance the brand and be closer to the customer! Yet another enhancement of what the company wants to be for the market. Read more

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Socomet has just concluded a 3-day meeting where staff could step up and share the meaning of Socomet brand.
In this name there  is everything that the company offers to its customers.  Values which are the heart of the company.


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After the technical and marketing meeting, the day ended with a special event: the traditional Summer Party involving all Socomet staff, their families, the sales force, some clients and suppliers. Over than 100 people had a dinner with music in the factory and stayed friendly until the beginning of the day after.

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Installed in Piazza San Marco in Milan, “Solis Silos” is an architectural steel structure open to the public during entire period of Expo 2015. The work is the brainchild of Mario Nanni, Viabizzuno art director, and grows  from the Socomet capability to make real what in the minds of customers may seem unattainable. They are 7 silos, in Corten steel, 10 meters high with a diameter of 3.5 in which you can live a path of light, sounds and emotions.

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The principal structures of the pavilion EXPO for children are SOCOMET: eight installations outdoors, eight  shaped reels simulating artificial trees for the childrens. Key elements of these structures are water, air, land, energy, the plant and the animal kingdome, around them evolve all educational contents. The reels are the result of collaboration between SOCOMET and Rubner Holzbau who oversaw the construction in wood.

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